The Best Polos and T-Shirts for You This Summer

Cotton and blended fabrics make theses shirts soft and durable


Summer is made for casual shirts, with polos and tees making up a good chunk of your wardrobe. We’ve got some polos here that will cover your needs when a T-shirt is just too informal. We’ve also got tees that can stand up to a good workout, whether you’re having low-key fun or working up a serious sweat.

Take note of the fabrics these shirts are made from. Manufacturers are using new and recycled materials to make their shirts softer and more durable, and that’s all good for you.

Better With Hemp

Why We Chose It The hemp polo is made from organic cotton and hemp, a natural fiber that’s grown using less water and pesticides than other fibers so it’s eco-friendly. The cotton-hemp blend makes a soft shirt and adds an interesting visual texture to the way the fabric takes dye. This shirt is available in five colors.

Lived-in Feel

Why We Chose It Sometimes the best new clothes feel like you’ve owned them forever. The Indigo polo passes that test. It’s made from cotton that’s been prewashed so it’s soft from the minute you put it on. The indigo dye gives it a sun-faded appearance, which also makes it look like it’s been your favorite shirt for a long time.

European Style

Why We Chose It Howlin uses a soft cotton-polyester blend and a casual free collar to make a shirt you can relax in or dress up. The small pocket on the chest is the perfect place to slip your eyeglasses when you go inside. This classic-style shirt is available in navy and a warm reddish hue – both bold statements for a summer shirt.

Keeps Its Shape

Why We Chose It Constructed from a thick, 13-oz. fabric, this shirt has a heft that elevates it above the basic tee. The fabric is heathered and the pigment dyes impart a vintage look. It’s available in three colors – charcoal, heather gray, and navy – and five sizes, including XXL.

Better for the Earth

Why We Chose It Aside from its green credentials – Taylor Stitch is committed to responsible manufacturing – this shirt is soft and breathable. The shoulder seam is fully taped so it will remain durable for ages, and the only care this shirt needs is a washer and dryer. Gotta love the handy front pocket.