A Hemp Shirt Perfect for Your Summer Wardrobe

We tried it. It's worth the pick up. 


Let’s not kid ourselves: the plain basic t-shirt is a closet staple 365 days a year. It’s as part of the American wardrobe as blue jeans and sneakers. However, in the summertime it goes from a staple to an absolute essential. With temps rising the key is to wear whatever is comfortable and still have it look good.

Enter the Wellen Hemp Tee. We admit, open the packaging this tee feels heavy. It has an interesting look texture. That’s because the hemp fibers are different from the poly/cotton blend your used to wearing. Our fear was that this tee was too hot to wear through the rugged summer months.

The truth of the matter is that the organic cotton was so soft and breathable we felt really comfortable in temps up to the 80’s. True, there are always going to be temps where even the most comfortable of tees is going to feel too heavy, too hot but this help up far past our expectations.

In addition to be easy on the eyes and able to withstand the heat these tees had a great fit. The L size was enough to give me a lot of room but never looked baggy. It looked just like it felt to wear: comfortable.

We think this is the perfect weekend or after-work tee. It’s got a lot of styles to it so you can certainly compliment a pair of chinos or a pair of jeans. This is what you wear to a ballgame on the weekends or catching up with friends or at a rooftop bar.

While we’re fawning all over this hemp tee it’s worth pointing out that the price point of this hemp t-shirt adds to it’s overall likability. At $36 dollars this is definitely in the price range. It can be used anywhere, is built to last and a variety of styles to build your summer wardrobe on.

We know there’s plenty of options out there but this is the tee for you.