Master Microsoft Excel for Just $9.99

Learn How To Gather, Understand, & Visualize Data For Practical Insights


The Details:

  • Beginner friendly start to Microsoft Excel mastery
  • Start with the basic course to get your bearings
  • Understand seemingly complex charts & graphs
  • Learn how to analyze data for actionable insights
  • Visualize your data and findings with interactive dashboards

Why You Want It: Companies of seemingly every stripe use Microsoft Excel to identify business opportunities, improve efficiency, and drive goals. Simply put, professionals who don’t have a solid grasp on the tool are almost surely at a disadvantage in the workplace. This beginner-friendly bundle includes three courses to provide you with the analytical, organizational, and program-specific skills necessary to effectively use Excel.

The Deal: If you’re interested in becoming an Excel wiz, now’s a low-cost time to invest in your education. This bundle’s currently on 98% discount at the Inverse Shop, bringing the total down to just $9.99 instead of the usual $835 MSRP.