The One White Noise Machine You Need for a Good Night's Sleep

There's nothing like tossing and turning while trying to fall asleep that can leave you frustrated and exhausted. If this is you, you're going to need this white noise machine.

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Which kind of sleeper are you? Are you the type who falls asleep before your head hits the pillow? Or do you find yourself tossing and turning, irritated by the slightest noise? If you’re the latter, then you’re going to need something to help drown out random sounds like your roommate watching TV in the other room or the annoying city sounds of foot traffic and emergency vehicles. Once you pick this white noise machine, you’ll fall asleep and stay that way until the morning.

With almost 6,000 reviews—and over 80% of them five-stars—LectroFan Evo White Noise Sound Machine is the top-rated white noise machine on Amazon that is guaranteed to give you sweet dreams. This product is beloved by light sleepers, anxiety sufferers and even tired new parents hoping to lull a cranky newborn to sleep.

The rundown

LectroFan’s EVO white noise machine actually goes beyond the basics by offering optional pink and brown noise as well. While white noise is usually more of a background sound like that of a soft waterfall, pink and brown noises are louder. Pink noise can be compared to the sound of a heavy rainfall while brown noise is like strong waves crashing on the beach.

LectroFan EVO White Noise Machine on a desk


Their EVO model gives users a choice of 22 different noises to help them either sleep or focus while working. Choose between 10 white, pink and brown noises, 10 fan sounds and two ocean noises for a calming effect. Plus, the small size and lightweight design—less than 2-pounds—makes the LectroFan EVO ideal for travel. Or, use it at home and enjoy the fact that it won’t take up much space on your bedside table.

The LectroFan EVO comes with an AC adapter and a USB for portable charging. But if you prefer to use this white noise machine to help with concentration, the 3.5millimeter headphone jack makes it perfect for use in an office environment or the library. Or, use an auxiliary cable to connect it to speakers for amplified sound. Available in five color options (white, black, white/gray, charcoal and EVO white), there’s a style to suit everyone’s needs.

One of the big factors that sets this white noise machine apart from competitors is that the sounds it produces are non-looping. This means that the machine isn’t simply playing back a pre-recorded track, but is instead creating sounds organically. The device also includes buttons to control audio as well as set the sound to a timer for automatic shut off.

LectroFan EVO panel detail


Usage Tips:

  1. To ensure that your preferred noise settings are saved, use the power button to turn your device off instead of unplugging it.
  2. The timer can be set for a maximum of eight hours. When you tap the timer button, the device is automatically set to shut off in an hour. To increase this time, continue to tap the button as you hear a corresponding short rising tone that will confirm more time has been added. To reduce the timer setting, continue pressing the timer button until you hear a short falling tone.

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