'Detective Pikachu' Post-Credits Scene: Does It Have One? (No Spoilers)

Here's what you need to know.

Pokémon Detective Pikachu might not be a superhero movie, but in 2019, it’s reasonable to expect that any blockbuster film might feature a short scene after the credits role. So what about this excellent new movie from The Pokémon Company? Should you stick around after the ending for a bit more world building? Here’s what you need to know (and don’t worry, this is a spoiler-free article.)

Short answer: No, there’s no post-credits scene after Detective Pikachu, once the movie ends it’s really over. However you should stick around for the stylized credits, which are a truly awesome homage to Japanese anime and manga. After that, feel free to leave.

But wait, don’t stop reading this article! Read on to find out what Detective Pikachu’s lack of a post-credits scene means for future Pokémon movies and video game movies in general.

In hindsight, the idea that Detective Pikachu might feature a post-credits scene feels like wishful thinking. Made famous by Marvel, the tactic of offering up one extra scene teasing whatever might be coming next only works because when you’re watching a movie where you know that something really is coming next. In the case of Detective Pikachu, however, there’s still no guarantee of a sequel.

That’s because when it comes to video game movies, nothing is guaranteed. Most of them get mocked by critics and flop at the box office. So far Detective Pikachu is getting decent reviews, but unless it starts selling out theaters, a sequel still seems unlikely.

If we really wanted to dream big, we might hope for a Nintendo Cinematic Universe to rival Marvel’s. Heck, call it the Smash Bros. Cinematic Universe and use the post-credits scene to tease that questionable Sonic the Hedgehog movie coming out later this year.

Instead, Detective Pikachu is a totally self-contained movie with no promise of more to come, and that’s totally fine! Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get a sequel, but for now, I’m just happy to have one great video game movie.

Detective Pikachu hits theaters on May 10.

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