From Robots to Radios, This Subscription Box Is a Techie's Dream Come True

Every Month, Creation Crate delivers fun, new electronics projects right to your door.

Any expert will tell you that a hobby is a fantastic way to relieve stress. But not all hobbies are created equal. Some just pollute your brain with stuff it doesn’t really need, while others actually enrich your life, teaching or honing skills that make you a more well-rounded person. And if that’s the kind of hobby you’re looking for, you should definitely check out Creation Crate, a tech subscription box that’s a techie’s dream come true.

Creation Crate bills itself as “tech education in a box.” Basically, it’s a monthly tech subscription box that specializes in hobby kits that teach electronics and coding. The goal is to teach the electronics and coding literacy required for life in the 21st century, but to do so in a fun and engaging way that provides a foundational understanding for how it all works.

Every month Creation Crate sends you a new project that involves building hardware and programming software via the Arduino platform. Each project is slightly harder than the last, building on the skills you’ve already learned. And everything you need comes in the box, including an Uno R3 Arduino board, written instructions, and a password that gives you access to Creation Crate’s online tutorials.

Creation Crate is not just for kids. It’s for anyone who wants to learn about coding and building electronics. And while they officially list the recommended age at 12 and up, they also say kids under 12 might be able to take on certain projects with some parental guidance.

Right now Creation Crate has two curriculums to choose from, and both are fully certified by

Creation Crate Standard Electronics Curriculum

Creation Crate’s standard curriculum features 18 projects, including a mood lamp, a distance detector, an infrared security system, and an FM tuner, among other things. All projects use an Uno R3 Arduino microcontroller board and various other components to teach circuitry, programming, and problem solving.

The best value is a 12-month subscription, which starts at just $22.49 per month. But you also realize significant savings with a 6-month subscription, which starts at just $25.49 per month.

Creation Create Upgraded Electronics Curriculum

Creation Crate’s upgraded curriculum features 12 projects. And just like the standard curriculum, they use an Uno R3 Arduino microcontroller board and various other components to teach circuitry, programming, and problem solving. However, the upgraded curriculum comes with premium components and a free 9V adapter. It also has re-imagined multi-stage projects that use the Creation Crate box to make the projects display-ready.

Like the standard curriculum, the best value for the upgraded curriculum is a 12-month subscription. That starts at just $32.49 per month, while the 6-month subscription starts at $25.49 per month.

So if you’re looking for a new hobby that will teach you valuable skills while building some really cool gadgets, Creation Crate is the tech subscription box for you.