Learn Professional Music Production Tools for Just $29

A Practical Production, Music Theory, & Songwriting Education


The Details:

  • Start your Logic Pro X Production journey with the overview course
  • School yourself on at-home vocal recording
  • Delve deeper into production with sound design & synthesis
  • Introduce yourself to mixing
  • Practice what it takes to mix podcasts
  • Extend your abilities with a course of 3rd party mixing plug-ins
  • Get music theory foundations with dedicated instruction
  • Learn songwriting in relation to production

Why You Want It: Too much music production education is unattached to any particular software, leaving students with a rude awakening when they go to apply concepts. The Ultimate Logic Pro X Music Production Bundle avoids this trap, including applied courses on music theory, songwriting, and the practical aspects of Logic wizardry. By the time you’ve completed all 8 courses, you’ll have a complete understanding of production, and more importantly, how to apply that understanding to one of the most powerful and popular applications available.

The Deal: $690 wouldn’t be all the outrageous for 45 hours of expert-level instruction across 8 courses, but right now at the Inverse Shop you actually only have to pay $29—just thank the limited-time 95% off deal they’re running.