How to Build Competitive Websites Without Coding

Learn RapidWeaver 8—Design, Editing, SEO, & Blogging


The Details:

  • Build websites without coding on RapidWeaver for Mac
  • Get your bearings with the RapidWeaver 8 basics course
  • Learn how to integrate SEO with RapidWeaver
  • Get a handle on blogging best practices
  • Leave themes behind and make your sites more dynamic with the Foundation framework
  • Skillfully edit from any device with the PulseCMS course

Why You Want It: RapidWeaver 8 allows those without traditional programming skills to build websites that compete with the best. This is a comprehensive educational bundle that not only teaches basic site construction, but also gives you practical editing, blogging, and SEO know-how. By the time you’re finished with all four courses, you’ll have the skills to build a variety of amazing websites—no coding required.

The Deal: This course pack generally runs at $500, but a special discount at the Inverse Shop means you can walk away with all four courses right now at 90% off—that’s only $49.99.