Create More Life-Like Images With This HDR Mac Editor—40% Off

Control Light Exposure With Multi-Image Blending & Comprehensive Editing


The Details:

  • Complete HDR image editor for Mac
  • Combine light profiles from multiple images for more life-like results
  • Fine-tune your image’s light spectrum to taste
  • Play to contrast extremes for artistic flair
  • Choose between manual or auto image alignment
  • Real-time tone mapping with presents and live preview
  • Integrated comparison between original and edited pictures
  • Input photos across formats including JPEG, RAW, HDR, and EXR
  • Output to JPG, TIFF, HDR, or EXR in sRGB, Pro Photo, AdobeRGB, and more color frameworks
  • Works with Apple Photos
  • Compatible with deep color displays and wide aspect ratios
  • Optimized for Mac’s Metal API

Why You Want It: The unfortunate truth is that all traditional photos are either too washed out with light, or too muddy and dim. Hydra Pro HDR Editor allows you to merge the light spectrum from multiple photos in order to give an effect that’s much closer to what you see in real life. Plus, the easy editing UI also allows for comprehensive manual tuning of the dynamic light range, whether you want to put the contrast through the roof for artistic effect, or just fine tune to taste.

The Deal: Act now at the Inverse Shop and you’ll receive 40% off the $49.99 MSRP—that’s just $29.99 out the door for an image editor that can really revolutionize your game.