Customize These Socks With Faces of Your Choosing

Simply Choose Your Base Color & Upload Your Favorite Image For Production


The Details:

  • Affordable personalized socks
  • Upload your favorite person’s face, pet, or animal for the design
  • Executed with care by an in-house art team
  • Base color options are blue, green, red or pink
  • Socks are 70% polyester, 12% nylon, 18% elastane

Why You Want It: Because they’re a relatively minor part of any outfit, socks are the perfect place to have some fun with your wardrobe. The Inverse Shop is currently offering a chance to order personalized socks to showcase your favorite person’s face, pet, or animal. You just upload your preferred image, choose from a blue, green, red, or pink base, and the manufacturer takes care of the rest.

The Deal: Generally $29.99 a pair, you can try out this super-personalized service at 25% off right now at the Inverse Shop for an out-the-door price of only $22.49.