Whiten Your Teeth Like a Pro at Home

Professional LED Accelerator Light, Trays & Whitening Gel For Two, Fast Results, Year Warranty


The Details:

  • Complete at-home whitening for two
  • Professional-level LED accelerator light tech
  • Special gel shows results in two 10-minute applications
  • Fixes coffee and tea stains on and in-between teeth
  • Sports a 5-minute speed option for those short on time
  • Compatible with veneers and dentures

Why You Want It: You may have already heard that some of the better at-home whitening kits are using the same essential LED technology as professional solutions, but could never imagine paying such a high price for the gear. Luckily, the Inverse Shop is currently offering an incredible deal on a kit for two people that delivers in all the right ways. In just two 10-minute applications, you’ll be well on your way to a whiter smile.

The Deal: You generally have to pay hundreds of dollars for an at-home kit as advanced as this. This system usually sports an MSRP of $299.99, but that’s nowhere near what you have to pay at the Inverse Shop right now. In fact, you can walk away with this kit for just $21.99 out the door after the deep 92% discount.