3 Items You Need to Keep Your Home Tech Organized

Keep your home tech organized with these simple items.


Keeping your home clean and organized is a serious chore that has to be dealt with weekly if not more frequently. No matter how clean or messy you are, there’s usually always room to improve the organization of your home, and we’ve found four tech items to help you maintain your home’s organization and cleanliness below.

Tile Mate

Tile Mate Amazon

Tile Mate’s uses go beyond home-use, but they really do allow you to keep track of items so they can be easily found if lost. Do you tend to walk around your house with the TV remote, place it somewhere that’s not the TV room, and then wonder what you did with it when it’s Sunday night and Game of Thrones is about to start? (Speaking from experience) Glue or tape a Tile Mate to your remote. The same goes for other household items as well, but it can seem a little like overkill. Either way, Tile Mate makes sure lost items get found and can lead to peace of mind that everything is in place as it should be.

Charging Station

Simicore Smart Charging Station Dock & Organizer Amazon

Do you have a tech-centric household, full of electronics? If yes, then you know the pain it can be to keep several devices charged, especially if you don’t use them all the time. There’s nothing worse than grabbing your tablet, getting comfortable on the couch, only to find that it’s dead. (Yes, that is the definition of first-world problems.) Nonetheless, a charging station could be in order to keep your items in their place and charged up while they’re not in use.

The Simicore Smart Charging Station Dock & Organizer allows for 6 devices to be held and charged at the same time in a small form-factor. It offers a non-slip, rubber base so it won’t be sliding around on surfaces so your docked devices won’t fall. The 6 2.4A fast charging ports (for compatible devices) also have added protection against, short-circuiting, over-voltage, over current, and overcharging.

Cable Management Sleeves

Envel Cable Management SleevesAmazon

If you really want to see some organization, especially in the entertainment or computing areas, it’s time to invest in some cable management sleeves. They’re simple to use, cheap, and can hide that mess of cables you’ve been meaning to do something about without much hassle.

Envel’s cable management sleeves offer you a more DIY approach by offering 118 inches of material that you cut yourself so you can make sure your specific cable/wire situation is completely handled. The reversible material also is black on one side and white on the other so you can allow the sleeve to blend into the background, no matter if you have light or dark surroundings.