Catch a Deal With the All Pro HD Waterproof Camera

And Don't Forget The Accessory Pack

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VACATION TIME!! The sun is shining! The wildlife is ready! And your itinerary is packed with plenty of action and unbelievable ‘bucket-list’ experiences. It is going to be the most memorable time EVER and you know you want to catch it on camera. Move it to the top of your packing list: The All Pro HD Waterproof Camera. And DO NOT forget the accessory pack.

No matter where you are heading for your next holiday, you want to capture the highlights. Either on your phone or in a frame on your desk, those photos will bring a smile on the dullest of days. However, I wouldn’t recommend relying on your phone for action shots. Two reasons: most phones aren’t designed for heavy impact, and most phones aren’t designed for water activities like this:

Underwater manicure - Add it to your itinerary 

A Cahill

When the marine wildlife swims up to give you an underwater manicure, you want to have your HD waterproof action camera ready for it.

The GoPro isn’t the only action camera on the market. For a far more travel-friendly price (and with equal performance), the All Pro HD Waterproof Action Camera will capture every special moment of your entire holiday.

From a tech point of view, the All Pro HD comes with a 12MP HD wide-angle lens, giving you greater scope to capture the whole image. The waterproof housing protects the camera in up to 30 feet of water while the battery gives you about 3 hours of recording time at 1080p on a single charge.

Of course, you also want the accessory pack, which includes a mount to attach it to your helmet or bike or whatever contraption you are using for extreme holiday activities. Zip-lining through the tree? Catch it all on film and remember the feel of the wind rushing past your face. This camera is durable to survive even the most intense adventures; the kind of activity that reminds you of how it feels to be alive. And you will want to watch that over and over again.

Acessory Pack with the All Pro HD Waterproof Camera

Inverse Shop

When you go on holiday, every dollar counts towards the entire experience as a package. The All Pro HD Waterproof Camera will add to your experience and take nothing away from your spending money. They usually retail for about $150 but the Inverse Shop has the camera and the accessory pack as a package for $39.99. Pick up some extra SD cards and a floating hand grip, and you are ready to hit the water.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive waterproof camera to take on any adventure, then make sure you pack the All Pro HD Waterproof Camera. And use the money you saved for an extra snorkel session with the fish.