Grown-Up Superhero Decor Items That Don’t Totally Scream Fanboy


Imagine the perfect date.

You have had a wonderful night of dining and dancing and making out. You take things back to your place … where your date immediately second-guesses everything thanks to that giant poster of Henry Cavill as Superman from Justice League splayed on your living room wall.

Losing out on the perfect significant other because of one’s love a particularly awesome comic book superhero is the nightmare scenario for all nerds.

… but what if you didn’t have to worry that your dream dat would tuck tail and run at the first glimpse of Captain America in your apartment?

Thanks to these grown-up superhero decor items, you can rest peacefully knowing you can get the cutie of your dreams—and have an actual social life (apart from the graphic novel aisle of your local Books-A-Million).

This key holder is the real hero, keeping your house and car keys from being lost in the deep, dark abyss that is the sofa. Made of sturdy metal, this wall mounted piece by HeavenlyKraft allows you to show off your love for the Justice League without smacking your friends in the face with your nerdiness.

Minimalist artwork is big right now and this Justice League poster by Trends International would look great in your living room, bedroom or office. Framed, of course. At 22 x 34, it is appropriately sized without being too gaudy and is more artsy than your typically hero-themed wall-hanging. At only $8.99, it will not break your budget, either.

This. Is. Awesome.

This art print by Vintage Book Art depicts a fierce kitty as the Star Spangled Man With A Plan, Captain America. Made from vintage dictionary art, this would look perfect on the wall of your living room or bedroom and exudes serious cattitude.

A hero is only as good as his villain and this Edge Home Products Joker Metallic Canvas Art allows you to celebrate the Clown Prince of Crime relatively subtly. This piece features some of the more iconic images of The Joker behind a larger, color photo of the celebrated bad guy. Keep this one out of the living room, though, or risk your date thinking she’s about to end up the subject of Dateline.