The Secret Weapon to Keeping Your Information Safe and Secure 

GlassWire Provides Advanced Protection, Threat Alerts, & Detailed Network Visualization


The Details:

  • Advanced firewall software to block network intrusion
  • Lets you filter and visualize traffic activity through time
  • Automatically alerts you of unexpected activity and known threats
  • Compatible with remote servers
  • Alerts you of overages to keep you within bandwidth limits
  • Incognito mode hides your network activity from prying eyes

Why You Want It: Unless you erect a firewall to prevent unwanted network traffic, chances are that eventually, something nasty will find a way into your system. Whether its goal is to steal sensitive data for ransom, take control of your computer for kicks, or steal your identity, it’s better to bar it from entry in the first place. GlassWire is an effective, feature-rich firewall software that’s currently on serious discount.

The Deal: Right now the Inverse Shop offers a 3-year subscription to GlassWire for only $29.99—that’s 89% off the usual $297 for a top-shelf firewall solution.