Learn Ruby and Back-End Web Development for a Price You Pick

Master Ruby On Rails & Angular, Analyze & Design Your Own Algorithms, Begin Your New Career


The Details:

  • A complete web development education focused on Ruby and back-end development
  • Get your HTML and CSS fundamentals
  • Learn the Ruby language and Rails framework from top to bottom
  • Learn TypeScript and start developing with the Angular framework
  • Introduce yourself to the popular Vim editor for Ruby development

Why You Want It: Built under the MIT license specifically for server-side web development, Ruby on Rails is one of the most powerful frameworks out there. This Master Class Bundle gives you 11 courses on comprehensive Ruby training, as well as a variety of related tools, methods, and languages including Vim editor for Ruby, HTML, and CSS, TypeScript and the Angular framework, and Algorithm development. There’s even a course thrown in on navigating the freelance world once you get your skills up to snuff.

The Deal: All this expert-level instruction on highly specialized topics doesn’t usually run cheap—$867 in fact. But right now the Inverse Shop offers an awesome deal: pay whatever you want to get one course at a price of your choosing, or simply beat the low average price and get the whole bundle at an unbelievable discount.