Get the Delicate Areas With This Micro Hair Trimmer—59% Off

Fine-tune your grooming.


The Details:

  • Micro-trimmer designed for fine-tuning and delicate areas
  • Shape areas like your nose, ear, eyebrow, neckline, sideburns
  • Integrated LED light for detail work
  • Non-slip grip for control and safety
  • Comes with two comb attachments

Why You Want It: Often, it’s the fine touches that make a trip to the barber work it. They finesse areas like your nose, ear, eyebrow, neckline, sideburns to create a polished effect. But why should you have to leave the house to look your best? This Micro-Hair Trimmer & Hair Removal Kit is specifically designed so that anyone can attend to these areas in the comfort of their own home. Plus, the Inverse Shop currently has the trimmer on serious discount.

The Deal: The Inverse Shop currently has a great deal on this Micro-Trimming Kit. Usually $29.99, you can buy it for 59% off and just $12 out the door right now—not a bad price to pay considering this gizmo can seriously improve your grooming routine.