Enjoy a Smooth Burn With This Freezable Glass Pipe—50% Off

Cools Smoke 300 Degrees Via Freezable Internal Coil For Super Smooth Rips


The Details:

  • Glass construction and freezable internal coil for smooth tokes
  • Alleviates the burn associated with normal pipes
  • Freezes fast to cool smoke in the range of 300 degrees
  • Doesn’t spill like water bongs
  • Detachable packing bowl for easy cleaning and repacking

Why You Want It: Water bongs are fantastic because they alleviate a lot of the normal chest and throat discomfort associated with smoking, but they generally cost quite a bit. This is a unique solution that makes use of a freezable internal glycerin coil and glass construction to produce a similar effect in a more portable package and at a much lower price point—especially with the current Inverse Shop discount.

The Deal: Usually $120, you can currently snag the Freeze Pipe for only $59.95 after 50% off. Not bad for a foreseeable future of soothing, pain-free tokes.