The Perfect Gift for That Person in Your Life Who Can't Stop Fidgeting

Everyone could use some stress relief at work

It’s not always easy to figure out the perfect gift to buy a friend or loved one. But given that we’re living in an age where an attention span is an anomaly rather than a given, the chances that you have a friend, or someone in your life, who can’t concentrate is pretty high.

Speks are the perfect gift for that person in your life. It’s one of those gifts they likely haven’t bought for themselves, and likely haven’t considered could assist them with fidgeting and general concentration. Speks are made from small 2.5mm magnet balls, either as a pack of 512 or 1000. The magnets hold together so that you can form all sorts of shapes with them, from pyramids, spheres, triangles. They make the ideal work distraction, stress relief, or concentration tool, depending on your preference. Or, if you’re someone who is trying to stay away from your phone, this can be a great substitute for that itch to reach and check something.

The fun is in forming new shapes. The sets come in all different colors, from pink, to blue, to orange, to the classic silver, as well as two different colors, which makes arranging them even more fun. The set comes with a guide on how to get started, so you have a map of all the different shapes to form — some of them are a lot more complex than others. There’s also a “splitter card” so that you can split your shapes into two pieces, creating even more configurations, as well as a carrying case, so that you can bring it with you to and from work, or where ever you happen to be traveling.

A pack of 512 balls goes for $27.95, and a pack of 1000 goes for $49.95, which is on sale from $55.90. Shipping is free in the US, and they ship worldwide. And their refund policy is 30 days. You might find these so much fun, you’ll be tempting to buy to — one for your friend, and one for you.

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