Giphy's App, Giphy Cam, Makes Mobile GIF Creation Almost Too Easy

This totally crushes emojis. 

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images 

This week Giphy announced the release of an app the company calls Giphy Cam. The app allows you to quickly make GIFs and distribute them via a number of social media sites in a jiffy. It makes texting GIFs a cinch. If you want to communicate laughter, but the laughing-with-crying-eyes emoji falls shy, Giphy Cam is here for you.

Other apps let you send GIFs. Giphy Cam might be the most streamlined of the lot. The GIFs play instantly so no need to click to see the creepy face your friend (or me) is creating. It includes several camera filters and weird internet meme filters (cats everywhere!), but the basic ease of the app should allow for at least a few hours of fun on one of the last Fridays of the summer. Today, send an evil wink instead of relying on a tired emoji.