Completely Transform Your Privacy With One Single Key

Live a password-free life with Everykey.


The digital world has permeated throughout almost all the lives in the physical one we live in. It’s no longer the early .com days where the main activity taking place online was email, AOL chat rooms, or whatever crappy online games you played. You shop, bank, work, and have apps to do all of these things. Hell, we even have apps for dating and hooking up. The point is that our online world is incredibly personal in ways that it wasn’t 15+ years ago and security to protect whatever you do online couldn’t be more important than it is today.

Our primary defense between hackers and online scam artists are our passwords. There are extra measures we can take, primarily in the form of two-factor authentication that you should be using if you aren’t, but there’s always a “what if” moment, even with these features in place. If you want absolute security, you need to bring integrate the physical world into your digital world on your own terms and a fantastic way to do that is with Everkey, which not only erases the need for a password but also your keys as well.

In a nutshell, Everkey can not only unlock and sign into your computer and websites that require a login, and it will eventually have the ability to open your car doors and the door to your house.

It’s important to keep in mind that this product is fairly new and there are others of its kind that can perform similar tasks, but the ambition to also unlock your cars is something that sets EveryKey apart. Another cool feature is that you can freeze a key if it’s ever lost or stolen. Need a little more convincing about this product’s potential? McAfee founder John McAfee of the global security software company is also a brand ambassador and Chief Evangelist.

In its current form, EveryKey isn’t much different from other physical two-step authentication devices. The ability to open car and home doors are not yet available and EveryKey is working with automotive brands and smart home solutions to make this a reality. Still, this will likely take a while before you see compatible cars, so unless you plan to wait and buy a compatible car when the function arrives, you may want to hold off now.

While anyone with enough brain power should know that the majority of people buying a brand new, just released product are the early-adopter type, not everyone follows suit. This more than likely explains the low Amazon rating. It’s currently no longer available via Amazon, but the small batch of 34 reviews give the EveryKey a rating of 2.2 stars.

In its current form, the EveryKey should perform admirably to get you logged into all of your computer and website accounts. If that’s what you’re looking for specifically, you may find other options that are cheaper out there. That said, if you don’t mind waiting a while, EveryKey can potential be the key to both your online and physical worlds.