Who's Who In 'Fear the Walking Dead'

Know your future zombie bait.

AMC doubles down this weekend, with Fear the Walking Dead poised to lead a whole new bunch of survivors to their inevitably grisly deaths. Set on the cusp of the zombie outbreak showrunners insist this companion show is all about character. So before they all bite it - or get bit - get the lowdown on this fresh batch of recruits.

Kim Dickens

Plays: Madison Clark. A high school guidance counsellor. Her official biography tells us that she’s dedicated her life to helping students “prepare for the future.” Doubtful that advice included tips on how to adequately mourn after witnessing the zombie slaughter of your loved ones. Having raised two kids on her own after her husband’s death, she’s got a lot of resolve. Let’s see how long that lasts.

Where you might recognize them from: Dickens has been in a LOT of movies over the years, with parts in Hollow Man, Thank You For Smoking, and last year’s Gone Girl. It’s more likely that you’ve seen some of her excellent small screen work with bits in Deadwood, Lost, Treme, Sons of Anarchy, and House of Cards.

This show’s version of: Michonne. A tough cookie with heart.

Cliff Curtis

Plays: Travis Manawa. A high school English teacher with one son, an ex-wife, and a desire to protect those close to him. Currently in a relationship with Madison Clark. Described as “pragmatic and resolute in his conviction that anything can be fixed.” It’ll be interesting to see how he attempts to fix a zombie to the face.

Where you might recognize them from: Either his early work back in his native New Zealand - The Piano and Once Were Warriors - or his mainstream Hollywood stuff : Bringing Out The Dead, Blow, Training Day, Sunshine, Live Free or Die Hard.

This show’s version of: As the leading male, sounds a bit like Rick before he went all darkside.

Frank Dillane

Plays: 19-year old Nick Clark. Sent to rehab by his mother Madison after a lengthy bout of drug abuse, he’s no longer seeking outside help and instead wants to rebuild his life by himself. What a perfect opportunity to do that — in the midst of a zombie outbreak.

Where you might recognize them from: With only a handful of credits to his name, it’s got to be his role in Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince as a young Tom Riddle.

This show’s version of: Daryl, perhaps? That rugged wild-eyed look hints at a beast which will not be tamed.

Alycia Debnam-Carey

Plays: Alicia Clark, the daughter of Madison and youngster sister to Nick, of whom she’s the exact opposite. Described as a “model student” who’s ambitious and driven, she’s got her sights set on escaping L.A. to attend college away from her family’s never-ending drama. See how that goes, shall we?

Where you might recognize them from: Outside of a couple of roles in middling films like Into The Storm, she scored her biggest hit as Lexa in The 100.

This show’s version of: Maggie. What? She’s got a boyfriend. That’s inevitably going to lead to strife.

Elizabeth Rodriguez

Plays: Liza Manawa, the ex-wife of Curtis’ character Travis. She raises their son Chris while putting herself through nursing school, and refuses to give up on her dreams of being a successful single mother.

Where you might recognize them from: She’s a lot of TV work under her belt, with recurring parts on ER and All My Children but you probably know her as Daya’s antagonistic mother Aleida in Orange Is New Black.

This show’s version of: Carol. She won’t take any b.s. apparently.

Lorenzo James Henrie

Plays: Christopher Manawa, Travis and Liza’s only son whose official biog describes him as a “rebellious teenager with a cause.” Harbors resentment toward his dad for divorcing his mother, and pretty much loathes the Clarks. Drama!

Where you might recognize them from: He had a bit part in the 2009 Star Trek movie.

This show’s version of: Carl. All he needs is a stetson.

Mercedes Mason

Plays: Ofelia Salazar, a Salvadorian immigrant who takes care to shield her parents from the realities of life. Described as “quick-witted, devoted and always ready to stand up for what she believes in,” she’s expected to tussle with her dad over how to best dispose of zombies. This ought to be good.

Where you might recognize them from: Any number of TV guest spots; she’s popped up in Californication, CSI, NCIS, Chuck, Castle, and a bigger part in the short-lived Bones spinoff The Finder.

This show’s version of: Sharp-shooter Andrea, who took no nonsense right till the bitter end!

Ruben Blades

Plays: Daniel Salazar, a barber who — like most of the characters, it seems — will do whatever it takes to protect his family. The zombie outbreak is a chance for him to prove he’s still got the mettle to get the job done. Presumably that means more than giving the guys swell haircuts.

Where you might recognize them from: Blades has cropped up in loads of different sects of cinema and TV over the course of his career, with bits in Chinatown sequel The Two Jakes, Mo’ Better Blues, Once Upon A Time In Mexico, Safe House, and as Detective Archuleta in Predator 2.

This show’s version of: Hershel with a touch of Dale.

Patricia Reyes Spindola

Plays: Salazar family matriarch Griselda, who would die for her husband or her daughter. Very religious, and relies on prayer to help her through tough times. She’s gonna need a new rosary when the dead start trotting about.

Where you might recognize them from: A Mexican acting powerhouse, Spindola hadn’t dipped into mainstream U.S. fare prior to her part on the show. She’s too busy running a couple of acting schools and living it up on telenovelas.

This show’s version of: Dedication to family, and turning to faith in times of crisis, she could be a slightly older Sasha.

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