Dudes Need Skincare, Too. Ole Henriksen Is Here to Save the Day.

The perfect gift for any man in your life—including yourself.


Fellas, it’s time to start valuing your skincare routines in a way that will make the Fab Five’s Jonathan Van Ness proud.

Caring about your skin and having a glowing complexion aren’t (and shouldn’t be) reserved for women. In this kit, you’ll get a cleansing and exfoliating face wash and a replenishing face moisturizer. The wash is made with walnut powder, ginseng, and chamomile extract, which will purify and clean your pores. The lotion will help hydrate your skin without overloading it with oils and can help even your skin tones and remove dark spots.

You can remove the dead skin from your face and give yourself a fresh, rejuvenated look with this handy kit. Perfect for yourself or to gift to friends, a partner, or siblings. Your skin will thank you once you start properly caring for it.