Become a Master Coder for Just 30 Bucks

Instruction On 11 Of The Most Relevant Programming Tools & Languages


The Details:

  • Beginner courses on a range of relevant and popular programming topics
  • Learn the old greats like C++ and Java
  • Crack C# to work with the cross-platform .NET Core framework
  • Get up to speed on newer languages like Python, Ruby, Perl, and Go
  • Master the foundations of web development with PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript
  • Delve into version control and source code tracking with Git

Why You Want It: This bundle includes courses on 11 of the top programming languages and tools under one roof at a highly reasonable price. And while its breadth and accessibility are perfect for beginners who are just getting into coding, the quality of instruction also means this set will serve well as a bedrock for more advanced topics.

The Deal: This bundle is an insane steal right now at The Inverse Shop, where you can get a whopping 98% off the $1904.98 MSRP—that’s only $29 out the door after a limited-time price drop on the already great sale price. If you’re interested in coding, you owe it to yourself to check this out.

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