This Player Allows You to Finally Listen to Spotify Offline

Bluetooth Or Wired, Auto-Syncs To Your Spotify, 1,000+ Song Storage


The Details:

  • Audio player with synced Spotify storage for offline listening
  • Works via Bluetooth or 3.5mm jack
  • Auto-refreshes with your Spotify account every night
  • Resistant to water and drops
  • 5-hour battery
  • Easy playlist selection with dedicated scrolling
  • Clothes clip

Why You Want It: Whether you’re trying to unplug from the net and free your mind of distractions, or your smartphone’s just run out of juice, the option to Spotify offline has a certain appeal. Mighty Vibe is a Bluetooth and wired player that syncs with your Spotify account for 1,000+ song storage, allowing you to workout or walk the town listening to your favorite tunes over 5+ hours of battery life.

The Deal: The Inverse Shop is offering 10% off the $85.99 MSRP for a price of $76.99 out the door—not too terribly steep considering the unique utility it offers, especially if you’re someone who likes to ditch their smartphone on occasion.