This Toilet Light Will Literally Light Up Your Life

Auto Turn On Via Motion Sensor & Cleans Bacteria With Special Non-UVC Light


The Details:

  • Subtle toilet light for late-night bathroom trips
  • Automatically turns on when you walk in via motion sensor
  • Non-UVC wavelength fight against bowl bacteria
  • Choose from 8 colors or patterned light
  • Select from 3 dimness settings
  • Easily snaps onto any toilet
  • Battery operated

Why You Want It: When you get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, obviously it helps to have some light to find your way around. At the same time, flipping your normal bathroom switch might seem overly harsh. IllumiBowl automatically turns on a subtler, not-too-bright LED whenever you approach the toilet. As an added bonus, this gadget’s non-UVC wavelengths are deadly to all those nasty bowl germs.

The Deal: The MSRP’s not too bad at $29.99, but luckily right now The Inverse Shop has the IllumiBowl for only $22.99 after a 23% discount. If you’ve found yourself wishing you had a better late night light-source in the bathroom, or even just a cleaner toilet, this is a great buy.