Get This Ultra Advanced 3-in-1 Home Air Filter at 27% Off

Uses Carbon, HEPA and UV-C Light Tech To Obliterate Pollutants


The Details

  • 3-in-1 filtration approach for max cleaning power
  • Activated carbon for filtering dust, dander, and odors
  • HEPA tech for larger pollutants like dust mites and pollen
  • UV-C light tech for airborne viruses and bacteria
  • Set to one of 3 speeds
  • Use Sleep Mode at night

Why You Want It Even if you don’t have explicit allergies, the truth is there’s a whole range of pollution in your home’s air that you probably shouldn’t be breathing in. And if you do, well you know how important it is to find clean air and reduce symptoms. This system combines activated carbon, HEPA tech, and UV-C light to clear the air of dust & dust mites, dander, odors, and pollen, not to mention bacteria and viruses.

The Deal This is no slouch of a filter, and usually sports a formidable $109.99 price tag too much. Luckily, right now The Inverse Shop offers an equally formidable 27% discount, bringing the sticker price to only $79.99 out the door.