Become a Certified Excel Analyst for Less Than $50

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Whether you want a new line of work or just better leverage on your current position, mastering Excel data analysis can make a huge impact on your career. This online school is one of the best options for budding analysts. It provides unlimited access to all the educational materials you need to complete a series of hands-on projects, including your own mentor. Plus, when you complete the school, you receive an accredited certification to boost your resume. Head over to The Inverse Shop and see for yourself—-it’s currently only $49 with the limited-time 97% off from the $1999.00 MSRP.

The school provides a comprehensive boot camp that you can complete in 12 to 48 weeks. By the time you’re finished, you’ll be able to employ a variety of advanced techniques in order to translate complex data into real, actionable conclusions. You’ll analyze, problem-solve, and data-visualize your way to mastery—-and walk away with a CPD-accredited certification employers will love.

If you want a handle on one of the most useful skills in business, take a strong look at this Excel Data Analyst Certification School. With the limited-time 97% off, you can get lifetime access for only $49 instead of the normal $1999.00 MSRP.