Sir Patrick Stewart Proved His Worth in Reddit AMA

'How does it feel to be the coolest motherfucker alive?'

Patrick Stewart Twitter (@SirPatStew)

This morning, Star Trek and X-Men legend Sir Patrick Stewart participated in a Reddit AMA to promote his new Starz show Blunt Talk. As with any AMA, there were more questions than answers, but Stewart’s responses were jovial and witty. Don’t take my word for it. Find some of the best exchanges below:

What was it like seeing your decapitated head in Macbeth?

Don’t be silly, I couldn’t see my head. It was decapitated!

Sir Patrick, I’ve read that you were born in Mirfield. As a fellow Yorkshireman, does your old accent ever pop out by mistake sometimes? Or has it completely disappeared after so many years away from God’s Own Country?

Sithee, hearing my accent is like suppin’ ot lead.

Whats the most accidentally funny thing you’ve done this week?

Nothing I do is accidentally funny. It is all pre-meditated and carefully planned and scheduled. And if you steal one of my funny ideas, I WILL sue you.

What’s in your perfect sandwich?

Always, all my life, a favorite, thickly sliced Granny Smith apple on thick, heavily buttered white bread. Very healthy and yummy.

I was sad to hear of Roger Rees’s death in July. I know you worked with him many years ago in the RSC (and in Robin Hood: Men in Tights, of course!) Could you share your favorite memory of him?

Dear Roger Rees saw a preview of my one-man show, A Christmas Carol, and told me I shouldn’t act Scrooge. I should simply be him because Scrooge already lived inside me.

What would you advise to Daniel Radcliffe who’d like to play Shakespeare in theatre?

Then Daniel should do it wherever and whenever he can. But I warn him, he could get hooked and wave goodbye to a lovely film career.

Is there any project other than acting you’ve ever wanted to venture in to?

Yes! Deep-sea diving and mountaineering. There’s something about going up and down that turns me on.

I was raised on The Next Generation, and I’d like to think the show imparted upon me a grand sense of imagination and wisdom. It’s often stated that “The Inner Light” or the “Caymen” episode, is one of your favorites. I was hoping you could briefly describe your feelings about that episode and what about it resonated with you?

Well, the thing is, my favorite episode is “Inner Light.” It was a beautiful script, which for me was almost entirely located away from the Enterprise — and it’s crew! And because I was given the chance to perform what Picard would have been like if his life experience had been different. But another important reason is that I had a son in that episode who was played by my son, Daniel Stewart. And if you care to see how he has grown up, watch my new series Blunt Talk.

One of the few MUST-ASK questions for an Englishman. What is your favorite Tea?

Easy. Yorkshire Gold. Any other kind of tea bag needs two bags. By the way, did you know that I am the man who introduced the concept of the double tea bag to the United States. Don’t you think that deserves some recognition…A Medal of Honor? And invitation to the White House? Or my own seat on the next space shuttle?

Hi Patrick! Im a huge fan of yours and I grew up watching the X-Men Films. What is the best thing about playing the role of Professor X?

Great costumes in every film, but I loved my superhero costume and my flying chair in Days of Future Past. The chair actually levitated, but only a few inches.

If you HAD to have hair, what kind of hairstyle would you go with?

A mullet.

How does it feel to be the coolest motherfucker alive?

Sunny, is that you?
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