If You Want Your Pet's Face Printed on Your Socks, Today Is Your Lucky Day!

Right now, they're 20% off.

When it comes to everyday fashion, most of us try to keep a relatively low profile. This is understandable, but also pretty boring. Fortunately, the one area where we are generally more willing to express ourselves is our feet. And the good news for those of us who like bold socks is that, well, this is kind of the golden age of bold socks. You can walk into almost any clothing retailer in the country and find something exciting and unique to encase your feet. There’s even a company online that makes custom socks with your pet’s face on it. And no, we’re not kidding. The company is called lovimals, and It’s kind of amazing.

Lovimals Personalized Animal Face Socks

With lovimals, you upload a photo of your dog, cat, hamster, bearded dragon—any animal you want—and they turn it into socks. You can even upload a photo of your favorite human, like your mom, because technically speaking, humans are animals, too. After you upload your photo, an actual artist turns it into a hand-drawn illustration. This illustration is then emblazoned on a pair of socks with a direct-to-garment (DTG) laser printer, which produces clear detailed images that hold up wash after wash. The socks are high quality, too. They come in blue, pink, green, and red, and have a luxurious suede-like feel with extra padding in the heel and toe.

If you’re looking to take your sock game to the next level, lovimals is clearly the way to go. And they almost always has a promo code to apply. Right now you can get 20% off with “Easter20.” If you check back next month they’ll probably have a Mother’s Day promo code. In fact, with deals this good, we should probably mention that lovimals doesn’t just do socks.

Lovimals Customized Flip Sequen Pillow Cover

You can also spice up your home decor with a personalized flip sequin cushion cover. One side is shiny rose gold, black, or silver. The other side is a picture of your favorite pet’s (or human’s) face. It’s designed to fit a 16x16 inch throw pillow, and lovimals promises it will “improve your sofa or bed by at least 90%,” which is a lot.

Lovimals Personalized Pet Bowl

And of course, if you’re going to get a pillow with your pet’s face on it, you might as well get them a custom dog bowl, too. Don’t want your guests getting confused as to whose bowl of kibble that is on the floor, right?

Lovimals Personalized Pet Tote

You know what? While you’re there adding stuff to the cart, you should probably go ahead and put your pet’s face on a tote bag. It’s perfect for those Saturday morning strolls to the farmer’s market to get your locally sourced kale, or those Saturday night trips to the convenience store to get your Cheetos and ice cream.

Honestly, if you need to put an animal’s face or a human’s face on anything, you just can’t go wrong with lovimals.

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