Culture Will Print Your Pet's Face on Your Socks. You're Welcome!

And right now you can get your own pair of lovimals socks for 19 percent off.

Last year, the mainstream media went nuts over a report that said 79 percent of pet-owning millennial home buyers would pass up an otherwise perfect home if it wasn’t right for their animal companions. But this really shouldn’t have been that surprising. Baby boomers might act like millennials are weird for calling their pets “fur babies.” But human beings have been fawning over their pets since the dawn of civilization.

In ancient Egypt, cats were revered as god-like protectors and celebrated in all manner of artifacts, not to mention the fact that they were mummified and placed in tombs. In ancient Greece and Rome, people would bury their beloved dogs in marble tombs inscribed with poetic epitaphs. And in the 1700s, European royalty were commissioning portraits of their pets and having ornate frocks designed with secret pockets for stowing small dogs. In other words, humans have been spoiling their pets forever because it makes us happy. Why should millennials stop now?

Of course, most millennials can’t actually afford real estate because we’re financially crippled by student loans, the cost of healthcare, and low-paying jobs that offers little security and even fewer benefits. So buying a dream house for you and your doggo is probably out of the question. But luckily, there are more affordable ways to express love for your pets. Like socks.

No, not socks for your pet. Pets don’t like wearing socks. I’m talking about socks for you, with custom illustrations of your pet’s adorable face. That’s the specialty of a fun new company called lovimals.

lovimals: Customized Pet Accessories

With lovimals, the process of creating custom socks with your pet’s face all over them couldn’t be simpler. All you have to do is snap a cute pic of your fur baby and upload it. Next, a graphic designer turns your photo into a custom illustration which is then emblazoned on a pair of high-quality socks with 360-degree, direct-to-garment laser printing. Once they’re ready, the socks are delivered right to your door.

The socks come in six different base colors. They have reinforced toes and heels, and are made up of a 75-percent high-grade polyester and 25-percent custom nylon/elastane blend. So these are not novelty socks. They are built to last.

But the best thing about lovimals socks is that they truly are custom. While the basic lovimals designs are meant for dogs or cats, their graphic designers will create illustrations for any animal you want, whether it’s a bearded dragon or an albino hedgehog. And if you want more than one pet on your socks, that’s not problem. Just contact customer support and they’ll hook you up for an additional charge.

Of course, if you’re still reading this, you might be trying to come up with a reason to justify buying a pair of socks with your pet’s face on it. But it’s really not that complicated. We all need socks, and these socks are awesome.

Also, right now lovimals has a Valentine’s Day promotion that will give you 19-percent off with the promo code Valentines19.

You’re welcome.