'The Mandalorian' Trailer Leaks Reveal 5 New Characters


Disney finally offered fans a first official look at The Mandalorian this weekend, but, unfortunately, only those lucky few actually attending the Star Wars Celebration were able to watch new clips from the upcoming Disney+ live-action series. Thankfully, plenty of details from The Mandalorian trailer have already leaked out, including images of new characters played by comedian Bill Burr and director Werner Herzog.

Here’s everything we learned about five new characters in The Mandalorian thanks to official news from the panel, shot-by-shot trailer recaps, and a few leaked images.

Bill Burr Plays A New Mandalorian Character

According to a recap of the new footage from io9, Bill Burr plays some sort of new character, though early footage from The Mandalorian didn’t reveal much except that he sounds like a total badass:

A new character played by comedian Bill Burr, holding two blasters, with a shaved head, fires in a green-lit space ship.

If you’re having trouble picturing the comedian and F Is for Family star in the Star Wars universe, here’s a couple of leaked picture to help.

Pretty sweet, right?

Werner Herzog Is Up to No Good

Werner Herzog, yes, that Werner Herzog, is set to play what seems like a pretty big role in The Mandalorian. According to io9, the Mandalorian (Pedro Pascale) meets Herzog’s character early on to receive a questionable new mission.

Herzog appears to be the leader of some sort of group that’s up to no good. He gives the bounty hunter just enough information to help him track down a target and then hands over a piece of beskar, the rare material Mandalorian armor is made from, as an initial payment.

“It’s good for beskar to be back in the hands of a Mandalorian,” Herzog’s character says (according to io9). “It’s nice to restore things after a period of disarray.”

As the trailer continues, Herzog delivers a monologue, noting that the galaxy has become less stable since the Rebels defeated the Empire (the show takes place several years after Return of the Jedi). So it seems safe to assume that his character will play a key role, at least early on when we’re still getting our bearings in this corner of the Star Wars universe.

Giancarlo Esposito Plays a Villain

We don’t have a picture of this one, but according to io9, Esposito plays some sort of bad guy. He shows up during Herzog’s monologue with a cadre of Stormtroopers and says ““Burn them out” as his soldiers use flamethrowers to destroy … something.

Taika Waititi Plays an Assassin Droid

As expected, director Taika Waititi is also lending his voice as an IG-assassin droid in The Mandalorian. He shows up in the trailer to kill a bunch of Stormtroopers, suggesting he’ll be a good guy or at least not a direct antagonist.

Here’s a photo of Waititi recording lines for his character shared by showrunner Jon Favreau:

Carl Weathers Is a Bounty Hunter

Finally, Carl Weathers also appears in The Mandalorian trailer as another bounty hunter. He offers our protagonist a few mediocre assignments before pointing him in Herzog’s direction. Beyond that, we don’t know much about his character’s role, but he looks pretty awesome.

Carl Weathers in 'The Mandalorian'


The Mandalorian premieres November 12 on Disney+.

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