Watch Over-Air TV in HD—Save Big on This Sleek Antenna

Up To 4K Resolution, 35-70 Mile Range, Razor-Thin


The Details:

Why You Want It: You might think of traditional TV antennas as ugly beasts of the tech world that rarely provide a good signal, but don’t judge this ANTOP too soon. The AT-105 is super sleek and expertly designed to stream over-air signals in up to 4K resolution with a 30-70 mile range. Just hang it on your nearest wall or window—- before you know it you’ll be watching free channels like NBC, PBS, and Fox in pristine HD clarity.

The Deal: Head over to the Inverse Shop to check out the AT-105 deals. You can get the 30-mile version at a whopping 51% off the $34.99 MSRP for only $16.99. If you want a bit more range, the 70-mile version will run you $79.99 after the same discount down from $164.99.