These Headphones Will Blow AirPods 2 Out of the Water

And they're not even waterproof.


Not all fantastic headphones are A: made by Apple or B: cost $200. Sure, best of the best headphones that are truly wireless and have wireless charging cases do, but solid headphones don’t even need to reach $100 to be great performers. Need proof? Enter the AiryBuds wireless headphones.

Not to be confused with the sport star Golden Retriever, Air Bud, the AiryBuds have one goal and it’s not an overly ambitious one. That goal is to be a great set of wireless headphones without promising the world or costing too much. In that respect, they have succeeded by 10-fold. The headphones are just as sleek as the AirPods but only cost $25 right now. Yes, you can literally buy 8 pairs of these for the price of one set of the new AirPods 2. Just sit with that for a minute. We’ll wait.

On the specs and features front, the AiryBuds are about as basic as wireless Bluetooth headphones get, but that’s not a bad thing. The buds utilize Bluetooth 4.2 instead of the newer 5.0 standard that’s being used in several new offerings.

One highlight with the AiryBuds is that you can connect them to two different devices at the same time. This can be translated in having the option to have one device connected to your phone for talking and then media audio to another device. In real-world use, this would allow you to watch Netflix with your headphones connected to your laptop and then take a call with your phone without having to disconnect and reconnect.

The AiryBuds don’t break new ground nor do they need to. What they do, they do well, and for what they cost, they’re good enough

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