'Smash Ultimate' Joker Release Date: Here's When the DLC Will Probably Hit

It's April, so where's the new DLC character?

A new challenger is approaching! When Nintendo revealed that Joker would be the next downloadable content (DLC) character coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate back in February, the company simply promised an April 2019 release date. Well, it’s April, so where is he?

We got tired of waiting and decided to do some digging. Here’s everything we know about the Smash Bros. Ultimate Joker release date, which could arrive any day now.

A Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update Is Definitely Coming

At this point, it’s pretty much assured that a major update to the game is coming soon, likely called version 3.0. The last time the game got a big update at version 2.0, it added Piranha Plant — the first new post-release character — so version 3.0 will almost definitely add Joker.

Nintendo also recently leaked what looks like another big new feature coming to the game. As spotted by Polygon, a recent Smash Bros. Ultimate commercial offers a brief glimpse at what appears to be Stage Builder mode, something that was available in previous versions of the game but is missing from this one.

So it seems clear that a big update will bring Joker to Smash Bros. Ultimate shortly, but when?

Nintendo Could Be Planning a Surprise Announcement This Week

Over the weekend, GamingIntel reported that a surprise Nintendo Direct could be scheduled for April 11, citing a trustworthy source. If that happens, you can assume Joker’s Smash Bros. release date, along with his character design and moveset, will be one of the topics covered.

Nintendo fans were also quick to point out that this secret Nintendo Direct also coincides with the retirement of the company’s longtime mascot and Nintendo of America boss, Reggie Fils-Aimé. The gaming industry icon announced his plans to leave the job earlier this year, but his last day is April 15. So an April 11 announcement would also serve as a nice goodbye to a person who’s practically become synonymous with Nintendo over the years.

The Release Date Could Be Hiding in Persona 5

Could Joker’s original game provide a clue to his Smash Bros. Ultimate debut? Normally, we’d say no, but as fans have pointed out, there are several key moments from the game that happen in April.

Here’s a few Persona 5 dates that could coincide with Joker’s DLC release in Smash (via Bleeding Cool):

  • April 9: Joker moves into Cafe Leblanc, kicking off his journey.
  • April 11: Joker awakes his Persona in the first Castle.
  • April 18: The day the game’s tutorial ends.

Nintendo already missed the April 9 date, but April 11 is still a possibility. Though that would mean a totally unexpected release. April 18 feels like the most likely option at this point, giving players another week to decide if they want to pay for Nintendo’s DLC pack or not.

Joker Could Be Delayed

We hope it’s not true, but it could happen. In fact, it looks like Nintendo may have even edited the Joker DLC teaser to replace the words “Approaching April” with just “Approaching…”

That could just mean his release is imminent, but it might also be Nintendo covering its tracks before revealing a delay.

Joker’s release in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is still expected some time in April.

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