Where to Find Reboot Vans in 'Fortnite' After the Version 8.30 Update

Players have already scouted all of the locations.

Epic Games

Reboot Vans haven’t officially landed in Fortnite: Battle Royale just yet, but they’re scheduled to arrive in the version 8.30 update later this week. However, since they’re already in the game’s code, players can see them whenever they enter a previous match via the Replay feature. So many of the locations are already known.

Epic Games confirmed via Twitter on Tuesday afternoon that downtime for the version 8.30 update would begin on Wednesday at 5 a.m. Eastern. So expect Reboot Vans to be added shortly thereafter. (Various technical improvements will make the update larger than usual as well.)

The official word from Epic Games is that Reboot Vans will be located at “major points of interest.” It’s safe to assume that translates to “every named location.” Redditor u/7damage found 19 in total last month (at every named location except for Pleasant Park) by browsing through locations using Replay mode. But another redditor u/AllAboutThe2k discovered one right in the center of that location. So that’s 20 total.

Based on their research, here are all of the presumed Reboot Van locations. These locations will probably be important as the season progresses — especially once the inevitable weekly challenge pops up requiring players to use them.

Here's the approximate location of every known Reboot Van so far, which could be subject to change.

Epic Games

Fortnite community manager Nathan Mooney recently outlined how Reboot Vans will work in an official Dev Update from Epic Games. They’ll function pretty much the exact same way as Respawn Beacons in Apex Legends. When an ally is eliminated, they drop an item called a Reboot Card that can then be loaded into Reboot Vans to respawn the teammate. In Apex Legends, these are called banners and Respawn Beacons.

In Squads, a single surviving player can carry up to three Reboot Cards and respawn all three teammates by activating them at a single Reboot Van. Doing so, however, will cause a beacon to activate that notifies all nearby enemies. They’ll also go through a temporary cooldown, meaning that players won’t be able to use them for a certain amount of time.

Reboot Vans should hit Fortnite: Battle Royale on Wednesday, April 10 sometime after downtime begins at 5 a.m. Eastern.