Upgrade Your Entertainment System With These Must-Haves

With the season of premieres fast approaching, make sure your entertainment set up is top tier. 

Spring and summer are the hot seasons for entertainment. People are taking more time off and trying to make the most of that time and the entertainment industry has a powerful pulse on that. There’s no better time to see a movie than in the summer and there’s no better time to host a watch party to get all your friends together than your favorite Sunday night show.

Whether you are going to be having people over weekly to watch the latest episode or you just like to watch your favorite shows and movies with the utmost of quality, it’s time to consider making some upgrades to your entertainment set up. Be it simple additions like new speakers, or thoughtfully installed LED lights, or more drastic changes like a whole new entertainment cabinet or a newly mounted TV, any of these can transform your TV room into something just short of the movie theater.

The Speaker Upgrade That Won’t Add More Cords To Your Set Up

Why We Picked It: Whether you are watching Game of Thrones for the first time or for the last time, you know the best part of the show is the score. Listen to it the way it was meant to be heard with this bluetooth sound bar and subwoofer that won’t further clutter your entertainment set up.

The Streaming Device That’ll Allow You To Cut Your Cable Cord Permanently

Why We Picked It: Using the sound of your voice, you can watch any show or movie available on Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBOGo, Starz and more with the Fire Stick. You can even ask it to show you the weather, display your favorite photo album for a family party or play anything from the Amazon Prime music library.

The Television That Takes High Definition to Ultra High Definition

Why We Picked It: You can’t make the most of movie night if you’re still watching on the same TV you’ve had since 2000. Upgrade your TV to 4K ultra high definition with this ultra affordable option in smart TVs. The included Amazon Fire TV interface means you don’t even need cable anymore.

The Amazon Service That Will Come Mount Your TV For You

Why We Picked It: There’s nothing more unsightly than a tv stand than doesn’t properly fit a room. Now you get rid of the whole thing in favor of mounting your television firmly on your wall like art. With Amazon Home Services, a certified Amazon technician will come directly to your home, where they will select the proper mount for your TV’s dimensions and weight.

The Backlights That Will Impress All Your Guests

Why We Picked It: If you want a tv-set up that looks like it was taken from a page of Architects Digest, you’re going to need some backlights. With this affordable 6.5ft strip kit option, you can install it yourself, exactly how you want it and still choose from over 16 million colors so that it matches your personal style always.

A Floating Media Console That’ll Give The Appearance of Custom Built Ins

Why We Picked It: Now that your TV is floating, your TV stand probably looks a little out of place. Make the most of your new entertainment set up with the addition of this affordable, but aesthetically pleasing floating media console with ample storage possibilities and easy installation.

The Floating Shelves Perfect for A Cramped Space

Why We Picked It: If you’ve decided to upgrade your TV to a wall mounted position, you might be left dumbfounded on what to do with your kid’s gaming system or the cable box you’ve reluctantly kept. If you don’t have the space, or your aesthetic doesn’t include the introduction of more furniture, this stacked floating shelf option is great solution.

The Small Box That’ll Save You From Having To Fiddle With Anything Behind Your TV

Why We Picked It: Somehow, not everything is Bluetooth yet, which means some things still required cords to be plugged in. For those things that still need to be plugged in, sometimes they outnumber the amount of HDMI ports a given TV has. In those situations, you can use this splitter so that you never have to reach blindly behind your TV to fiddle with cords again.

The Lighting Kit That Will Provide Much Needed Ambiance

Why We Picked It: For light anywhere you can plug it in, this smart led bar light will respond to the sound of your voice and even sync with the sound of your TV and music to deliver the best light set up for the given situation.

The Headphones You Can Use With Your TV

Why We Picked It: Some of us live in apartments, have thin walls or shared spaces so it’s not always practical to watch TV at full volume. For the times you want to watch TV and really hear it without bothering anyone else, you can use these low latency wireless headphones up to 100 feet away from the source.

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