This Low-Tech Tool Is a Remarkably Effective Treatment for Back Pain Relief

The Plexus Wheel is the affordable at home back pain treatment you've been waiting for.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain is the single leading cause of disability worldwide, with around 80 percent of the global population experiencing it at some point in their lives. In the U.S., back pain is the third most common reason for visiting the doctor, and accounts for more than 264 million lost work days per year. That’s an average of two missed days for every full-time worker. Given the magnitude of the problem, it’s no surprise that people spend over $100-billion per year on expensive back pain treatments. But luckily, the Plexus Wheel offers a simple yet affordable at-home treatment option for back pain relief.

The Plexus Wheel +

The Plexus Wheel+ is comprised of three separate wheels of varying size, all of which are designed to provide you with a customized level of pressure (12 inch for “gentle,” 10 inch for “medium,” and 6 inch for “deep tissue”). Each wheel features a patented spinal canal and proprietary 20mm Compression Sensitive Padding™. And all three wheels are five-inches wide, which makes them stable enough to roll out on, but compact enough to fit between your shoulder blades. This design allows you to decompress your entire spine while also eliminating back tension and massaging sore muscles, and giving you the best possible back pain relief.

Plexus Wheel Sport

The Plexus Wheel Sport is one of the world’s top-selling back pain and muscle recovery solutions. It’s built with a smooth surface, so you can use it on your back, as well as other sore areas of your body, like your legs. Because the Plexus Wheel Sport has less padding and does not feature a spinal canal, like the Plexus Wheel+, people living an active lifestyle commonly prefer this wheel. With 6mm of Compression Sensitive Padding ™, your muscles have just enough comfort to get the kind of stretch athletes dream about. Like the Plexus Wheel+, Plexus Wheel Sport comes in 3 different sizes that allow you to determine the pressure your back needs. Simply choose what best fits your needs, from Gentle to Deep Tissue, and your tight muscles will finally loosen up and relax.

The Complete Back Pain Relief Bundle

If you’re looking to neutralize pack pain associated with being sedentary, as well as kneading out your sore post-workout muscles, this bundle is for you. You get six rings in total, three that come with the Plexus Wheel+ and the three in the Plexus Wheel Sport bundle. But that’s not all, you also will get the complete back pain relief book, “How To Fix Your Dumb Back,” as well as the Plexus Wheel Stretching Guide.

100-Day Trial & 10-Year Warranty

Even though we have thousands of health professionals use and recommend the Plexus Wheel every day, there are over 100,000 happy Plexus Wheel customers who’ve found relief, all in less than 5 minutes a day. Plexus Wheel’s so confident in their product they allow a 100-day trial and a 10-year warranty on their product. All that, and they offer free shipping for over $49 purchase and free returns. So if ending daily aches and pains associated with a bad back is your only goal, at-home treatment from the Plexus Wheel can provide the back pain relief you’ve been looking for.

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