Fitness Beginners: Start Here for Ideas to Get Fit

Start here to level up.

It can be overwhelming to begin a fitness routine. There are so many options, and you don’t want to sink all your money into something only to find out that you don’t like that activity. So we rounded up some of the best items to get you started in a new fitness routine. These aren’t going to make you He-Man overnight, but they are definitely going to get you going.

Fitness Activity Tracker Smart

Sometimes being aware of how much or how little you actually move throughout the day can help you improve. This activity tracker will tell you the miles you’ve traveled, monitor your sleep, and calculate the calories you’ve burned throughout the day. You can set it up to send health reminders, too.

Gorilla Bow Portable Home Gym Resistance Band System

This resistance band system is one of the best I’ve seen. It can be used by beginners to work up to higher levels of resistance. This system is portable and comes with four different adjustable band levels. Guys, this thing is also shaped like a bow, so you can pretend to be Robin Hood while you build muscles. Yes, thanks.

Yoga Set Kit 7-Piece

If you want to get started building flexibility and strength with yoga, this kit makes it really easy. It includes a yoga mat, yoga mat towel, two yoga blocks, a yoga strap, a hand towel, and a carrying case for all the items. The towel is microfiber, the mat is nonslip, and this set is 100% risk free. They want you happy, and they have decided to offer what they call the “namaste” warranty. You can get a refund or a free replacement, no questions asked. There is not much better out there as far as guarantees go.

TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball

When I stumbled on this, I was searching for something that would be a good start for my kickboxing workouts. This promises to improve your agility, speed, and it makes you look cool. This workout will never be the same twice with the way the ball rebounds based on your strike. This will work your arms, chest, shoulders, and upper back, as well as focus in and get some hand, eye coordination. This doesn’t come with gloves, but it’s not really hard enough to require the gloves.

MaXimus Life Bounce & Burn Mini Trampoline

The most important thing you can do when beginning a fitness routine is to enjoy whatever you are doing. If you enjoyed jumping on a trampoline when you were younger, why not see if you can recapture your youth a little bit. The trampoline is said to benefit you by burning hundreds of calories, improving your immune system, reducing body fat, and improving balance. This comes with the folded trampoline, free DVD, and a bouncer counter to keep track of your number of jumps. The trampoline comes assembled, so you don’t have to deal with all that.

Tone Fitness 3 Kettlebell Set

Kettlebells have become pretty popular in fitness lately, and they are a nice alternative to dumbbell work. The unique shape gives a different range of exercises. This particular set includes three different weights to work your way up. Use these to sculpt your entire body. Kettlebells are a great fitness tool because they work several muscle groups at once.

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