7 Incredible Items You Have to Pick Up This Spring

A roundup of our favorite items we've reviewed


We know spring is on the way and now that the haze of Christmas shopping is over many of us are starting to fill out our shopping lists. For spring essentials, summer must-haves and getting ready to spend that tax return we’ve got a list of must-have items that should be on your radar.

While we do a lot of roundups around here this list is exclusively items that we’ve tried and tested as Inverse Approved. If it’s on this list we’ve personally handled it ourselves. So enjoy a collection of some of the items that you should be adding to your shopping cart.

Our Favorite Spring Jacket

Honestly we didn’t think we’d love the Nova Series Insulated Jacket as much as we did. This jacket’s four way stretch material made it super comfortable and one that warmed us up in the colder weather but didn’t make us sweat with those warmer spring temperatures. The fact that it’s consistently on sale for less than $100 dollars makes this a must have for the unpredictable spring weather.

Our Favorite Slim Wallet

Our quest for the perfect slim wallet ended with the Airo Collective Stealth Razor. This incredibly slim wallet holds 8 cards and 4 bills. It’s durable and after weeks of repeated use this wallet looks as good as the day we got it. If you’re looking to carry less with you then this is the wallet you need.

The Most Affordable Sport Watch

The Torpedo Blast by Momentum Watches is a heck of a find for well under $100 dollars. this durable watch comes with a six year warranty, was super light and kept great time. In an era of super overpriced watches, this one stands out for value and affordability.

Our New Favorite Bed Sheets

In an era where there are online bedding retailers everywhere we loved the Upstate sheets. These sheets were not only really comfortable on the first try but they got better for us after a few washes. It’s true you can find cheaper sheets at some of the bigger box stores but you’ll get what you pay for if you’re willing to pick yourself up this set.

Your Next Pair of Boots

The Greenflex Desert boots will be the most comfortable boot you’ve ever tried. These Northern Italian handmade boots are a perfect fit for both business and casual. The Greenflex are also eco-friendly and use all-natural ingredients and maintain an incredibly high quality.

The Hoodie That Will Last You A Decade

The 10-Year Hoodie is more than a name. this incredibly rugged hoodie is built to withstand a beating. Whether you’re commuting to work in the city or spend your days in the outdoors. This hoodie is product guaranteed for 10 years, double lined to keep the cold out and even has a secret pocket for your phone or wallet.

The Best High-Tech Commuter Jacket You’ll Find

If you’re commuting daily then this is a great jacket for you. It’s got a softshell to wick moisture away. It’s got a reflective trim and four integrated LED lights and it held up great as a single top layer in weather as cold as 45 degrees. This is the jacket you want is you want a jacket that moves with and can hold all your most important items.

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