5 Tech Items You Need for Total Privacy

Privacy items on the go and for your home


Privacy has been a huge focus as of lately. From the data online services mine from its users and the subsequent hacks said online services have suffered from, privacy is a top concern for many in our online world. It’s not just playing it safe online, though. There are certain measures we can all take to ensure our business stays our business. As such, we’ve compiled a list of tech items to help you regain your privacy and some of your sanity along the way.

Webcam Blocker

Simple in purpose and execution, if you’re not down with just placing tape over the webcam of your laptop, a webcam blocker is in order. They can easily be placed over the webcam and even have a slider for easy blocking/unblocking access.

Privacy Screens

Whether their for your Desktop computer monitor, laptop, or even your smartphone, as inelegant as privacy screens are they do their job well. Viewing angles are virtually obliterated by privacy screens, allowing whats on your screen to be viewed only by you when looking directly at your display. No one said privacy was sexy, but it is private.


You’ve probably heard of two-factor authentication, which requires an additional step to gain access to a service when trying to login. Usually this comes in the form of a text or a code of sorts, but what if you wanted to get more serious than that? Well, the YubiKey is what you’re looking for. It’s a NFC-Enabled USB key that is the ultimate two-factor authentication device.

YubiKey words with tons of services like Gmail, Facebook, Last Pass and hundreds more online services, providing you with the ultimate lockdown of your online activity.

August Smart Lock

This may be for the paranoid and reclusive readers, but don’t ever say there wasn’t a market for August’s smart locks. The easy to install lock attaches to your existing deadbolt so your existing keys will still work and you can easily provide keyless access to people permanently, for a few weeks or for just a few hours. You can even monitor all of your lock’s activity within the app.

Waterloo Smart Fingerprint Padlock

Who needs a 4 digital or letter combination for their lock when you can use your own fingerprint to unlock it? That’s right, the fingerprint-enabled padlock is both a highly private and highly convenient option. It’s waterproof, making it perfect for the outdoors and the gym. It’s also fairly versatile, allowing you to add up to 15 groups of fingerprints. To make the investment even better, you’ll also get a lifetime money-back guarantee and technical support.

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