Make These 10 Smart Light Upgrades to Your Home This Spring

For taking better photos, hosting better parties, monitoring your energy usage and more, this smart lighting  options will upgrade your home. 

If you’ve ever wanted to know what separates the rich and famous from the regular man, the short answer is lighting. Anyone with a powerful online presence understands the importance of good—and interesting—lighting. With good lighting, a photo can go from “taken by a stranger on vacation” to certain envy on the sheer quality of your photographs. With good lighting, a dinner party can go from dinner in your regular dining room to dinner in one of the hottest restaurants in town.

But smart lighting isn’t just important for the wow factor of it. High tech lighting can also save you on your electricity bill and offer increased accessibility to people with disabilities. The point is clear though. If you’ve ever wondered what your home is missing, chances are the answer is lighting. With any option off this list, you can take your home from bland to fabulous, just by plugging a light in.

Philips Hue Bloom

Why We Picked It: White and yellow light can get old fast. If you’re prone to headaches or boredom, this smart light can add some intrigue to any room. Control it with your voice, dim to desired setting and choose from millions of customizable colors. Can be used with Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, Nest, Google Assistant and more.

Philips Hue 2-Pack Light Starter Kit

Why We Picked It: Some smart lights have a look of their own, but these smart light bulbs are easy to install into your pre-existing lamps, just as you would any lightbulb. The Hue Hub is included with every order and can easily be controled via the companion app to select and adjust the lighting of your choice.

Lutron Caseta Smart Lighting Dimmer Kit

Why We Picked It: Smart lighting isn’t just about what bulbs you pick, light switches also come into account. With these smart light switches you can control up to 17 bulbs per circuit and adjust your selections with the companion app. The Smart Away feature turns lights on and off randomly when you are traveling so that it appears as if you never left.

Philips Hue White and Color LightStrip

Why We Picked It: For convenient lighting on top of cabinets, in closets, under your bed and everywhere in between, this smart lighting strip can be controlled via the companion app and/or any of your smart home hubs, including Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, Google Assistant and more. For the ultimate entertainment experience, sync your Hue Lights to your game console, music or TV for added fun.

Amazon Smart Plug

Why We Picked It: With the Amazon Smart Plug, any existing appliance can be upgraded to a smart home appliance. With no smart home hub required, lights, fans and even your coffee maker can be scheduled or controlled remotely with the Alexa app.

Sealight Smart Light Bulb

Why We Picked It: Not every home pairs well with the more sterile smart appliance look. Maintain your personal style with the addition of these smart edison bulbs that don’t even require a smart hub to use. Simply download the Sealight app and you can control your lights from anywhere, including lighting schedules.

YoYooo Plug-In Smart Night Light

Why We Picked It: Though, night lights are great for kids’ rooms and for people who are afraid of the dark, this smart nightlight set is perfect for anywhere in the house. One of the age old struggles is figuring out what light to leave on at night in case you have to make your way to the kitchen or bathroom. With these smart night lights, all you have to do is plug them in and they’ll sense when gentle light is needed so that your path is lit without hurting your unadjustable eyes.

WiZ Wifi Connected Smart Table Lamp

Why We Picked It: If your personal style exists somewhere in between robotic and natural, this table lamp is the perfect smart lighting option. The thoughtful wood feature gives it a more approachable feel without sacrificing on smart technology.

Alexa Ceiling Light

Why We Picked It: Smart lighting doesn’t have to be reserved for table lamps and light bulbs, you can install it into the bones of your house with this Alexa-enabled ceiling light. Adjust the color tone to whatever is most pleasing to you, schedule when your lights turn on and control them remotely from afar with the addition of this excellent smart lighting option.

LeviMoon Levitating Moon Light

Why We Picked It: Smart lights can be visually interesting as well as functional. With this levitating lunar replica you can turn any boring end table or desk into a statement piece. It charges wirelessly while it levitates and makes the perfect addition to any room.

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