Never Forget Your Passwords Again With HioKey

Throwaway your old password book, you're better than that. 

It used to be easy to remember your passwords. You had the same one—possibly one other—for everything and it was only your paranoid cousin trying to convince you that your security was threatened. Then the security landscape started to change and your passwords needed to be updated every 6 months, you couldn’t use one you had already used, and every password needs one capital letter, special character and a string of numbers to be considered “strong”. Before you knew it, you became one of those people with a book of passwords or suffered the alternative of constantly getting locked out of your accounts for failed password attempts and later having to reset it to something else you won’t be able to remember.

Some of us made the switch to having iCloud remember all of our passwords, but sometimes they’re not the most up-to-date and other times the Cloud can be unreliable or easily hacked. HioKey is here to make the world a little easier for those of us that prefer higher security without having to remember a 30-digit password.

Currently in its infancy on Kickstarter, HioKey aims to be your solution to apps, websites and email clients that require you to have the most secure password possible. What HioKey does is pairs with your device via its companion app, stores your pre-existing passwords, sets and remembers strong passwords that need to be updated and conveniently locks your PC or smartphone when you are away from it.

You can carry it on your keys or backpack like any keychain. When it comes time to log in to your accounts—or computer—you just double tap HioKey and it wakes up your computer and signs in to your accounts without any additional steps neccesary. It has all the convenience of the Cloud without any of the security risks. Not only can you store your passwords but also conveniently store and access your credit or debit card information. Sound too good to be true? How does HioKey know it’s you doing the tapping?

Every HioKey device relies on setting up a device pin no less than 6 characters—now the only password you have to remember. All information is stored directly on your HioKey keychain and protected with an ARM® TrustZone® Cryptocell chip that keeps all your stored information encrypted and inaccessible should it ever fall into the wrong hands.

And that’s it. HioKey is the future of password protection. Never fret about being phished, losing your password book or getting locked out of your accounts again. With Hiokey’s Magic Lock, your computer and all the data it contains is the safest its ever been.

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