'The Last of Us 2' Release Date, Trailer, Plot, and Everything to Know

'The Last of Us: Part II' might be here sooner than you think.

As 2013’s almost indisputable video game of the year, The Last of Us, remains one of the greatest and most widely beloved video games of all time. So it’s no surprise that The Last of Us: Part II is one of the most highly anticipated games around despite how little we actually know about it.

The post-apocalyptic third-person action-adventure series from Naughty Dog, the same developer behind the Uncharted games, takes place in a world 20 years after a mutated fungus destroys human civilization by transforming huge swaths of the population into zombies.

The sequel has supposedly been in development since 2014, but there’s still no official word on when The Last of Us: Part II might actually be released despite new gameplay trailers getting released at almost every major gaming event over the last two years.

The most optimistic guess is that The Last of Us: Part II might hit the Sony PlayStation 4 sometime during fall 2019, but that’s pure speculation. For everything else, here’s all that we know about The Last of Us sequel in terms of plot, new characters, trailers, and more.

E3 2018 debuted a lengthy piece of gameplay.

What’s the Plot of The Last of Us: Part II?

The Last of Us: Part II takes place 5 years after the first game — which mostly takes place 20 years after the initial outbreak. At 19 years old, Ellie is the main character as opposed to Joel, who’s now in his mid-50s. They live in the safe haven community in Jackson County, Wyoming they reached at the end of The Last of Us. Based on all of the footage shown of the game so far, Ellie’s become hardened over the years.

At the PlayStation Experience 2017, game director Neil Druckmann confirmed that “a large part” of The Last of Us: Part II takes place in Seattle, a new setting for the series. The first game featured Boston, Pittsburgh, and Austin, Texas, among others. Similar to how the player trekked across the country in part 1, Part II will involve a road trip of sorts from Wyoming to Seattle.

New characters include Yara (played by Victoria Grace), Emily (played Emily Swallow), Lev (played by Ian Alexander), among others. Voice actress Laura Bailey is also in the game and provides motion capture, and she finished her part of the production on April 13. On April 11, it was revealed that Logic and voice actor Travis Willingham (of Critical Role) were also in the game.

Despite the wide cast, there’s still no official synopsis for the game.

What Is The Last of Us: Part II Release Date?

There’s still no release date in sight for The Last of Us: Part II, but on March 31 redditor u/fetemucke posted an image showing the game in a collection of “Coming Soon” games listed in the PlayStation Store, which implies the game should be out this year.

At the end of February, Peruvian video game retailer LawGamers also leaked a promotional image indicating the game would release in October 2019. There’s no way to know if any of this is accurate, however, but fall 2019 does seem believable.

The Last of Us: Part II game director Neil Druckmann published the above Tweet in April, offering what looks like confirmation that the motion capture recording on the game had been completed. The crunch to finish up the game will likely happen over the next few months.

Is There a Trailer for The Last of Us: Part II?

The Last of Us: Part II was first confirmed during the 2016 PlayStation Experience with a teaser trailer featuring Ellie. The second teaser, featuring mostly new characters, was unveiled during 2017 Paris Games Week. The most extensive look at the game came during E3 2018 with a gameplay reveal trailer that included a cutscene from presumably fairly early in the game.

None of these promotional videos really count as a legitimate trailer of any kind, but they do offer an exciting introductory look at what the game will offer. Hopefully we’ll learn more soon, but with Sony skipping E3 entirely in 2019, it’s unclear exactly when the next big announcement could arrive

The Last of Us: Part II might come out later in 2019 exclusively for the Sony PlayStation 4.