Seven Items That Fight Blue Light’s Effects on Your Skin and Eyes

Don't let blue destroy your looks. There's an easy fix.

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You can’t sleep at night. Your eyes are burning and red. You get so many headaches you swallow ibuprofen like candy. And, just now, as you glanced in the mirror, you noticed your skin is red with dark pigmentation. Could you be getting old? Or worse, maybe you need to cut back on the wine and whiskey.

Hold on just a minute. Do you sit in front of a computer all day? You might simply be suffering from the damaging effects of blue light.

Blue light is part of the sun’s normal spectrum. But it’s also emitted by computer, phone, and tablet screens. And if you bask in those all day and into the night, it could be hurting your eyes and skin. Blue light isn’t all bad. It’s what controls your circadian rhythms. (You need those.) But your eyes can only take so much and, if you want to sleep, don’t tell your brain it’s daytime at midnight.

Fortunately, there is an easy fix: Filter it out.

Here are ten products that do just that.

Pixel Eyeware Computer Glasses

Cute Pixel Eyewear specs block blue light

Pixel Eyewear

You don’t have to go around wearing yellow glasses that scream, “I’m a nerd and I know it” to filter out blue light. These snazzy specs are clear but still filter out that blue light like those cheap yellow ones, which will help you get rid of those red eyes and undereye bags. That these glasses are stylish and make no-longer-exhausted-you look sexy? Bonus!


Benq BenQ (GW2480) 24 Inch IPS 1080p Monitor

Get a monitor that protects your eyes from blue light


The monitor is causing the problem, right? Why not replace it with a safer one? This monitor minimizes not only blue light but also flicker. Blue light causes headaches and sleeplessness by damaging – and stimulating – the optic nerve. Flicker, though you may not perceive it, is a low-level irritant. It could be why you are irritable and stressed. Both can damage your eyesight. Screens with BenQ technology are smart enough to minimize both – and to adapt the brightness to your light environment.


Amber Light Bulbs

Amber light bulbs get the blue light out of your home


Everyone worries about the blue light from monitors and phones but it’s in your house, too. If you give no thought to the color of the light bulbs you buy, you may be creating a home atmosphere that’s keeping you awake and giving you headaches. Try bulbs that aren’t blue. These, amber light bulbs minimize the blue spectrum and create a warmer atmosphere in your space.


180° Hinges Computer Glasses for Kids TR90

Protect those young eyes from blue light


How often do you hand a computer screen to your child as entertainer and teacher? Even if you are the model parent, always keeping screen time down to an hour a day, that hour is filled with blue light that can damage her tender eyesight and interfere with nap time. Add these blue light filtering glasses to screen time. They have flexible hinges to keep kids from breaking them. And who can resist those cute colors?


Peteye PC Glasses

You bought some glasses to filter blue light when you look at a screen. But where are they? Stop looking all over the house! These are sitting, like a faithful pet, right there on your desk. When you are wearing them, you are cute. When you aren’t wearing them, they are cute.

Sleep Baby LED Nursery Light

Amber light won't keep the baby awake the way blue light does


“Mommy! Leave a light on!” It’s an adorable request but does it help your tot sleep? There is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping child. So, leave a light on that creates a cozy, not blue, sleep-inducing mood, like this Sleep Baby LED Nursery light. You’ll all get a better night’s rest. Forty watts is perfect for a warm night light.


EYES PC Blue Light Blocking Screen Protector

Snap a blue-light filter over your monitor


Don’t want to wear glasses? And why should you, if you can see fine without them? Put the blue light filter over the screen instead. This one snaps right over your monitor and blocks 100 percent of UV light and reduces blue light by 100 percent. And you don’t have to wear anything on your face.


Anti Blue Light Screen Protector (3 Pack)

Anti-blue light screen protector will help you sleep even if you watch movies in bed


You know blue light is making it hard to sleep but you don’t want to give up watching movies on your laptop in bed, am I right? We get you. (Three words: Game of Thrones.) Install a filter on your laptop screen. These are easy and cheap. Just snap it on. Snap it off to replace. Now go ahead and showverdose.


Clip-On Blue-Light Filter Glasses

Clip-on glasses bring out the nerd in everyone


Aren’t sure you believe this blue light fear? Try it before you convert your prescription lenses with these clip on. Or maybe you have been longing for a reason to wear clip-on glasses like nerds of yore. Go ahead, go full nerd. Wear your own glasses, clip these on. No one will confuse you with a hipster. Not even once.


SkinMedica Lumivive Day & Night System

Protect your skin from blue light


During the day, this cosmeceutical skin-care routine, protects your skin from the damage of blue light being emitted from your monitor. At night, it helps it repair from same. Of course, you could buy a new monitor for less. But for some people, the skin-care routine is paramount.


Christina Wood is a freelance writer living in North Carolina. She blogs at and her sexy, noir mystery Vice Report is available on Amazon.

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