The Surprisingly Comfortable Sheets That Stand Out in a Crowded Market

We were legitimately impressed


We know you don’t have to look far to see that comfortable and high quality bed sheets are a booming industry so it’s hard to separate the signal from the noise. The Upstate Sheets are another player in a crowded space but they feel different, sell themselves differently and we were really impressed in our review.

These sheets boast a comfort that gets better with every wash. So it would stand to reason that our first go with these sheets might be at least slightly underwhelming. The truth is we were really impressed by how soft they felt. The website says they are the sheets that “sleep comfortably in any season” and we felt that with how soft and breathable the sheets were that the statement held up.

The fit was good on a queen size bed and they top and bottom tag indicators was a nice added bonus for us. These sheets were great and soft as advertised. The price for a full queen set is $138 dollars. So their not cheap but these are made to be durable and they really are comfortable year round. There’s no reason not to make the investment.