Carl Sagan Will Be the Subject of a Biopic

The famed astrophysicist and 'Cosmos' star gets his day in the sun.


Studios already found box office and critical success with Carl Sagan’s ideas when the adaptation of his novel, Contact, grossed more than $100 million in 1997. Now the influential astrophysicist will get the biopic treatment.

The Tracking Board reports that the man who dedicated his life to public intellectual life and the search for extraterrestrials will be the subject of biographical drama, Sagan, from Warner Brothers. Sagan’s widow, Ann Druyan, is a producer, so we can trust this will be done with the proper respect.

No word yet on script, casting, or director, or even whether this will cover a specific period in Sagan’s life or the full arc. Can’t wait to see the Straight Outta Cosmos meme generator though.