9 Amazon Products for Spring Adventures With Your Pet Outdoors

Your pet has been cooped up all winter too, you know!

When spring air starts to blow through your corner of the world and all the sudden the days are longer, the sun brighter and there’s a little bit more energy reserved from a long winter’s rest, it’s the perfect time to do something with your pet. But without the proper tools and accessories, taking your pet out of their comfort zone can be a nightmare. With even 1 of Amazon’s best selling pet products, taking your pet(s) beyond your front yard can be a fun spring activity.

You got your pets for companionship, yet unless you are one of the lucky few that work from home, you are away from your pets for most of the day everyday. So this spring, it’s important to enrich that bond by spending more time going on little adventures with man’s best friend. But first a few things to remember, never leave home without some water for your thirsty pooch, never go anywhere that dogs (and cats) aren’t explicitly welcome and surely everyone will have a positive experience. Take any of these products with you and you are sure to have a blast.

The Training Collar That Works Anywhere

Why We Picked It: PetSafe has built a name for itself off of selling the pet products we didn’t even know we needed. This remote control training collar is waterproof for all your dog’s outdoor activities, it has an 800 yard range so it’s perfect for hikes and with the purchase of 2 additional collars sold separately, you can train 3 dogs at once. Adjust the 8 settings for static stimulation or beeping to whatever your pet responds best to.

The Backpack That Allows Your Dog To Carry Their Own Weight

Why We Picked It: Available in small, medium and large and 2 high visibility colors, this doggie backpack is designed to provide a comfortable fit to any dog who wears it. Never lose sight of your dog on the trail in this backpack and never be caught without the things they need. Bonus points for how cute they look in it.

The Protective Layer Every Pet Foot Needs

Why We Picked It: Even if the farthest your pet gets is a walk around the block, these doggie socks might just save their paw pads. Availalbe in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra Large, these socks with adjustable straps will provide the perfect fit and protection from the elements. Anti-fall off design insures that they won’t just slip off either.

The No-Pull Harness Perfect for A Dog or Cat

Why We Picked It: Too often dogs are the only ones that get to have any fun outside the house, but cats can do it too! With this easy to put on, super secure and machine washable harness, dogs or cats can go anywhere comfortably. Just attach a leash to the metal ring. Available in 14 unique colorways and 5 different sizes ranging from XS to XL.

The Portable Water Dispenser So No Pet Gets Dehydrated

Why We Picked It: Chances are if I leave the house without a water bottle—a rare occurrence—I’m going to be the thirstiest I’ve ever been. I apply the same rule to my pets so I never leave the house without water for them. BPA-Free, leak proof and super easy to use, this water bottle is great for short walks, but you might want to buy an extra if you’re gone for a while.

The Portable Play Pen Your Pet Can Enjoy Anywhere

Why We Picked It: If you don’t have a fenced in yard, or your pet just isn’t very good on a leash, this portable outdoor playpen is perfect for them. Not only great for cats and dogs, but smaller pets can enjoy it too. Made of waterproof nylon that is both tear and water resistant, your pet can always see what you are up to with the convenient windows. Anchor it to the ground with tent stakes or fold it flat for convenient storage.

The Protective Seat Cover That Will Save You A Trip To The Car Wash

Why We Picked It: If you’ve ever had your pet in your car for any amount of time, you know how quickly the messes can begin. Your freshly vacuumed seats now need to be vacuumed again. Not anymore thanks to this high quality, waterproof seat cover designed to make your pet’s car ride comfortable while keeping your car clean. Install in just a few seconds by looping the straps around your headrests.

The Small Pet Carrier That Might As Well Be A Purse

Why We Picked It: If your dog or cat is small enough to fit in this tote, there is simply no reason not to try it out. The adjustable across body strap keeps your pet secure and close to your body while also enabling you to use your hands. Reverse it for a different look and machine wash when needed. Available in Grey, Black, Red and Denim.

The Fully Packed Bag With Everything Your Dog Could Need

Why We Picked It: Pre-packed with 2 collapsible bowls for food and water, a blanket, a frisbee and room for 3 pounds of dog food, blankets, leashes, toys and boy, this bag is perfect for your dog’s weekend away with or without you. Great for air travel and more, you’ll never have to worry about your pet not having what they need.

The Shaded Canopy Your Pet Can Relax on Anywhere

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