The Most Comfortable Active Watch Costs Less Than $100

The comfort truly surprised us


Finding the right watch for active wear is a little harder than it seems. You want something that feels durable, that is cost effective and still looks good and functions. Honestly, it’s a lot. But we were super excited to find that the Torpedo Blast 44 by Momentum Watches checked all those boxes for us. It’s one of our favorite watches. The fact that it’s currently on sale is even better.

The first thing that really stood out to us was the comfort. It’s a bigger watch but it carries light so you can wear it without feeling like you’re wearing anything. For an outdoor watch that encourages you to wakeboard, paddle and cycle in them we think it’s important. The strap is a big part of that. The NATO strap is comfortable and durable.

We mentioned durability and it’s evident in the construction here. We wore this watch on runs, got it wet, and various other activities for a whole week and there was never a problem. Momentum says the Torpedo Blast is water resistant to 200 meters and comes with a three to five year battery life.

The watch is also pretty stylish. It doesn’t claim to be a watch best worn in formal wear but it’s definitely your after work and weekend watch and it’s most definitely your adventure watch.

What might be the coolest part of the watch is the warranty. It comes with your pretty standard two year warranty but you can send it in for routine maintenance every two years and get that warranty extended to six years. This means you have a watch that will last you six years, can be worn anywhere and retails for $98 (on sale for $69 dollars). If you’re looking for an all purpose sport watch it’s going to be hard to beat the Torpedo Blast.