10 Products to Biohack Your Life

These items will help improve energy levels, adjust sleep cycles and increase productivity.

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If you are in on the Ted talk circuit, you may have heard of a little thing called biohacking. This is the practice of adjusting your lifestyle to get the best out of your body in terms of productivity, energy and generally making positive changes to your body. The below list was compiled to help you on your journey to become the best human you can be. If you are new to biohacking and the things it has to offer, this list will help you get a start. If you already have some base knowledge, this will serve as a reference for the products you need to get the most out of your efforts. It will be a quick guide to forward onto your friends when they notice how awesome you are becoming and they want to copy you.

1. Unstoppable: A 90-Day Plan to Biohack Your Mind and Body for Success


This book is described as a “Must read” and a “Roadmap to a more fulfilling life” by reviewers on Amazon. I can’t imagine a more solid endorsement. This book will get you started on the way to lifting brain fog, combatting depression (along with input from your physician) and generally being the best you can be.

2. Foam roller


Maybe it’s the promise of relieving chronic pain or maybe it’s the awesome color options available to purchase this- but I need this roller. 10 minutes a day with this foam roller to help combat the long hours at your desk.

3.Water bottle


Hydration is the key to so many things. Sleep deprivation might be something you haven’t correlated to drinking enough water. I’m here to tell you that you can safely connect those. Keep hydrated in order to help combat the tireds. This water bottle has times written on the side to keep you on track. Meeting those small goal through out the day can really help you to get on track.

4. Muse 2 Brain Sensing Headband


Do you ever sit to meditate and spend more time wondering if you are doing it right than repeating your mantra? Well, this device is to get nuerofeedback from your brain while you are meditating. This headband tracks your brainwaves, heart rate, breathing, and body movements to track your improvement in meditation sessions. As far as I know it does not read your mind… but just in case try thinking of baseball.

5. tDCS Device The Brain Driver


This product is a little bit difference than number 4 in that it stimulates your brain instead of just tracking it. It’s a headband that you put on and it stimulates different parts of your brain depending on where the stimulators are placed. In the reviews it was mentioned as a means to help with depression or ADD. (Always check with your doctor before trying a new treatment.)

6. Circadian Optics Therapy Bright Spectrum


Light therapy helps with energy levels, sleep patterns, mood, and concentration. If you aren’t tapping into your natural body rhythms with light therapy, you are missing out on quite a package of goodness. This is especially true during the winter months. This light will get you on track to reaping all of the benefits.

7. USA Today Jumbo Puzzle Book


It’s not all going to be rocket science. Sometimes you need to play some games and do some activities to get those cobwebs off the old brain. Get some puzzle books or apps and make sure that you are operating at compacity.

8. Blue Light Blockers Cyxus Computer Blocking Eyestrain Transparent


These glasses are going to be essential when staring at a screen all day. The artificial light source can really mess with the way your body processes the daylight. You might notice more energy and better sleep at night after beginning to use these babies. Also “trick” your coworkers by going from Superman to Clark Kent.

9. SerenLife Portable Sauna


I’m not going to lie to you. We’ve come too far in this list. Part of the reason this is on the list is because it looks kind of low budget sci-fi alien poddish and I can’t stand how much I love it. The other thing is it will legitimately will help you to achieve a level of sweat. The sweat will get rid of toxins. Getting rid of toxins is a good idea. Toxings are bad.

10. Omega 3


Sometimes it’s not what you do it’s what you take. Omega 3s are healthy fats. They are anti-inflammatory and also some believe Omega 3s protect your DNA from damage. That seems like a good thing.

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